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Writer. Marketer. Consultant. HGTV Enthusiast.

When he's not working on his website, BlakeWrites, Blake is either brushing up on his technical SEO, caring for his puppy, hitting the gym, or drafting something up for one of the dozens of projects he's working on. 

He's passionate about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow through the use of inbound marketing and content strategy. If you're interested in growing your business or having your content managed, be in touch!

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Services Offered

Content Strategy and Planning

When it comes to ranking well for your industry, it takes more than just haphazardly publishing blog posts. You've got to think about what your customers want and what Google wants. I can help with that.

Content Optimization

If you've been creating content for a while but it's not converting in the way that you'd like, you likely need to revamp and optimize. I can help you craft hypotheses, tests, and benchmarks to get your content's performance up to par.

Website and SEO Enhancements

If it's been a while since you've updated your website, you're likely not following today's rules for what a high-performing website should do. I can give you development insights and recommend fixes without charging a developer's rates. 

Virtual Assistant Services

There's no need to work 60+ hours each week when many of your tasks can be offloaded on someone else. Whether you need to have your emails sorted, reservations made, or reports edited, having a trusted personal assistant can have a huge impact.

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