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I'm a writer, marketer, and occasional freelancer. I use this website to keep track of some publications I've written and the projects I've worked on. 

Oh, and if you want to hire me on a freelance basis, you can do that here too.

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Writer. Marketer. Consultant. HGTV Enthusiast.

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Get to know me– I'm a friendly dude!

When he's not working on his website, BlakeWrites, Blake is either brushing up on his technical SEO, caring for his puppy, hitting the gym, or drafting something up for one of the dozens of projects he's working on. 

He's passionate about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow through the use of inbound marketing and content strategy. If you're interested in growing your business or having your content managed, be in touch!

Blake is also actively in search of other bloggers, writers, and entrepreneurs to connect with. If you're not looking to hire, but are looking to connect with like-minded people, be in touch with ideas about collaboration.

Recent Publications

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Every Question You've Ever Had About Keywords, Answered

"Now, while keywords are still useful tools for conceptualizing and planning your content strategy, their effectiveness is entirely rooted in context."

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The Ultimate Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing

"Cross-channel marketing works to solve this issue by meeting your customers where they're at and in a format that's not likely to be overlooked."


Canonicalization 101: Everything You Need to Know About Canonical URLs

"While many aspects of SEO are pretty straightforward -- like headings, meta descriptions, and link building -- other aspects of SEO can be a bit trickier. But that doesn't mean you can afford to ignore them."

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Mastering Media Queries [Support Series]

"Using media queries, you can set specific rules for your web pages based on the size of the viewer's screen. If the screen is big, your content can look one way; if the screen is small, your content can adapt so that it shines regardless of device size."

“Blake follows through with what he says he is going to do, and his writing is impeccable. He is a true joy to work with.”
– Jessi A, Owner at Your Yoga Louisville


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