Hi, I'm Blake Reichenbach.

I wear a few hats

HubSpot Sprocket
A product manager

at HubSpot, where I've worked since 2017.

Howdy Curiosity
A life designer

who helps folks build their personal and professional lives over at Howdy Curiosity.

self-himprovement square  logo
A Fitness junkie

who shares his love of exercise and wellness at Self-Himprovement.

blake and walker

Creativity and problem-solving fuel me.

Product management, life design, and personal training may seem to not be connected at all, but I disagree. 

In each field, I help folks identify problems and create novel solutions. I'm happiest when I'm being challenged and get to think creatively.

These fields allow me to do that and to help others while doing so. In fact, what got me started as a multi-hyphen, multi-hat wearing entrepreneur as a direct response to issues of sexism and classism I saw in my field!

I'm particularly passionate about:

reasons to go to the gym
empowering folks with body dysmorphia to respect their body

because I've dealt with body dysmorphia too!

Anthony in athletic clothing and a backpack sitting on a rock
helping young men avoid the trappings of toxic masculinity

because sexism makes life harder for everybody.

Ella standing outside
Expanding access to opportunity for folks in rural areas

because rural Kentucky is my home, and I know how hard it can be to not see opportunity.

Oh, and I also wrote a book

It's called Big Picture Living: A Guide to Finding Fulfillment. It's about learning to identify and prioritize your values through a process I created while overcoming a particularly dark part of my life.

Here are Some Things I've Written Recently.

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Where I've Studied

If you'd like to learn more about what I do, email me at blake@selfhimprovement.com

But please note that I cannot reply to all solicitation emails.