The Expert Project

The Expert Project

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In Spring 2019, I started working on "The Expert Project."

I want to unravel what it means to be an expert, to operate with expertise, and– most importantly– how experts can overcome the trappings of expertise that kill creativity and excitement.

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"Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience." ~Denis Waitley

Should you strive to be an expert?

In this project, I'm researching experts. To be an expert is to be an authority within your field, but it also means that you're more likely to:

  • Let the fear of failure prevent you from taking risks
  • Perform for others in your field rather than those affected by your work
  • Lack creativity, innovation, and playfulness in your work
  • Get burnt out on your work

But I don't think any of these things are necessary. I think, regardless of the field that you're in, you can develop the depth of knowledge and skill that comes with expertise while maintaining the curiosity and excitement of a beginner. 

The Expert Project is a long-term investigation into this topic.

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April 2019- Brainstorming and Collecting Initial Responses

Project Kickoff

They say that when Archimedes figured out the principle of buoyancy, he ran out of the bath shouting, "Eureka!" 

Blake basically did the same thing with The Expert Project, but rather than shouting "Eureka," he jumped out of the shower and shouted, "I need to write about this!"