Hi, I'm Blake Reichenbach, and I Help Businesses and Individuals Change the World by

providing hands-on, catered consulting and coaching services

(and perhaps a little personal training here and there). 

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A bit more about Blake and his services

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How I set my prices

I'm a fan of transparent pricing. Since there are several factors that go into bespoke services, it's hard to provide an exact estimate here, but this will help you breakdown how I set prices. 

Once we're working together and you've signed in for a price, I'll never hike your price or spring surprise fees on you. 

Coaching Prices

Before signing up for any coaching package, you will receive a complimentary exploratory session. This will give you the opportunity to make sure that I'm a good fit for you as your coach, and, if you're not familiar with coaching, it will give you a chance to see what it's like and ask clarifying questions.

Coaching prices are set so that when you purchase more sessions, your rate per session gets progressively lower. 

  • 2 Sessions: $180 ($90/ session)
  • 4 Sessions: $340 ($85/ session)
  • 8 Sessions: $600 ($75/session)
  • 12 Sessions: $834 ($69.50/ session)

With every tier, you get:

  1. A non-disclosure agreement– what you share in coaching is strictly confidential. 
  2. A free copy of Big Picture Living: A Guide to Finding Fulfillment.
  3. A recording of each session to rewatch and reference as you wish.
  4. A personalized action plan that is customized according to the evolution of our conversations. 
  5. Accountability and check-in emails. 

As a heads-up, if you are seeking executive coaching and require a non-competition agreement, there will be a $500 non-compete charge with the understanding that the duration of the non-compete agreement matches the duration of our coaching relationship.

As I am an employee of HubSpot, Inc. I cannot agree to a non-competition agreement if you work as a direct competitor to HubSpot; I also cannot speak about HubSpot's internal details, processes, or policies in our coaching sessions. 

SEO Consulting

For SEO consulting, I try to cater my services to your specific marketing goals. Once you reach out about SEO consulting, I will send you a questionnaire to complete. We won't kick off any consulting services until the survey is complete since that is what will give me a sense of your goals, budget, website, and resources available to you. 

To price SEO services, there are a few options that I will offer, and I will collaborate with you to help you decide what will work best for your business or organization. 

Services include:

  • Auditing content and providing recommendations.
  • Fielding content strategy and content creation process questions via email. 
  • Up to 1hr of phone or Zoom Q&A per week.

Option 1: Hourly Rate Billing

For smaller projects (e.x. a site with fewer than 150 pages), my hourly rate is probably going to be your cheapest option. 

My hourly rate for projects is $85. When billed, you will receive an itemized time bill detailing how I used every minute for which you're being billed. If working on a project with an hourly option, I will not exceed your budget cap. 

Option 2: Monthly Retaining Rate

If you have a large project and need consulting on creating a scalable structure for SEO at your business or organization, a Monthly Retaining Rate may be the best value for your budget. 

Retainers must be arranged in advance as I have limited availability for clients on retainer. The monthly retaining price is $1,200/month with an obligation of a minimum of 3 months. 

Option 3: Per Project

For projects that may not need the longer-term attention of a retainer, but which requires auditing a large number of pages, we can agree upon a Per Project pricing plan. Prices will depend upon your needs, budget, priorities, and timeline, and therefore cannot be provided in advance.

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